Pissed Off Recruiter- a totally anonymous place for recruiters to vent!
Here you can read the deliciously outrageous true stories of recruiters and share your own!

I have always wanted a place where I could tell stories, vent and bitch about whatever situation, strange candidate, outrageous occurrences in my recruiting life but as you all know their are eyes and ears everywhere and as part of HR there are only so many things we can say out loud to ANYONE.

This website I actually bought the domain name for back in 2012 when a couple of guys that I paid a whole bunch of money to develop my website did a less than satisfactory job. I looked around for places to tell people, to find out if other had the same experience but could find nothing. But honestly even if I had found a place I don’t know if I would have put anything in writing with my name or their name attached. I didn’t want anything negative associated with me or my business and I don’t know the legal ramifications of putting my experience out for the world to see. So then I had the brilliant idea that what if there was a place where I and others in our profession could honestly vent about the most frustrating things that have happened to us in our career. A place where it was anonymous- no one knew who I was OR the company so there would be no legal ramifications but I could get this off my chest. where I could scream as loud as i wanted, tell the whole truth with no backlash from a client or a corporation or HR. I decided I would develop a website where people could vent anonymously and I was pissed off so… that is how pissedoffrecruiter.com was born.

So it hasn’t been until now that I have actually had time to devote to establishing this place. So WELCOME!

So what next? I need stories from anyone and everyone in the recruiting industry. I have developed some general categories for people to post and will be tweaking them as we go along. I welcome your comments and suggestions. This is OUR place to vent! You can send me your stories at the contact link you see below or to the left. I will be adding an email for you to send to but for now the comments section or the contact section are your avenues.